New Shepard Capsule Touchdown Positions

A map of Blue Origin’s Launch Site One (A.K.A. 'Corn Ranch') facilities in West Texas.

The blue points on this map represent the New Shepard capsule touchdown positions. Due to limited data some missions don’t have their touchdown locations logged on this map. If the data does become available, I will add it.

The red points represent where New Shepard boosters have impacted the ground during failures.

The green points represent the launch and landing facilities for New Shepard.

The yellow points represent the rocket engine test stands.

Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center Map

I made this map of the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in China due to all other resources (that I could find) being out of date. I’ve added the newer commercial facilities using the best info publicly available. This is one of the first proper maps that I made, so expect future revisions to refine the look.

Downloadable version here
Facility Guide
  • LC-91 - CZ-2F/T
  • LC-94 - CZ-2C/D & CZ-4B/C
  • LC-95A - Kuaizhou-1A (CASIC)
  • LC-95B - SRB Launchers
  • LC-96 - ZhuQue-2 (LandSpace)
  • LC-130 - Lijian-1 (CAS-SPACE)
  • LC-1XX - Tianlong-2 (Space Pioneer) & VTHL